Occupational Ergonomics TG Mini-Webinar Series, Part 1: How COVID-19 is changing Ergonomics Practices and Considerations

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Original broadcast date: May 12, 2020

Presenters: Blake McGowan, Julia Abate, Mark Benden

In the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the landscape of ergonomics research and practices has changed dramatically. In this Part 1 OETG mini-webinar series, our panelists will answer some of the pressing questions our field has to address: Musculoskeletal risk is continuing to be an issue, despite remote work. What are some newer considerations (physical and psychosocial) for assessing and managing these MSD risks? How can ergonomists be ready for workforce who now come in with prolonged durations of sedentary behavior and those with pre-existing chronic conditions? How could companies adopt strategies for both remote and field ergonomics to address some of these challenges? With social distancing, how could applied ergonomic practices evolve to enable virtual ergonomic assessments? Ergonomists in several industry domains may be considered "non-essential" if not tagged with EHS. How do we evolve as an applied discipline to ensure that our community is not only staying relevant but also contributes vitally to reduce/mitigate worker injury risks in the new normal?

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