The Virtual Fit Test: A Practitioner’s Tool for Estimating Fit in Multivariate Anthropometric Design

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Recorded On: 07/27/2020

Original Broadcast Date: July 27, 2020

Practitioners are interested in estimating what percent of users will fit product or workstation designs. Generally multiple anthropometric dimensions are involved , for example, a standing workstation might be specified using standing elbow height, elbow to fingertip reach and forearm to forearm breadth.  This webinar provides a brief review of why multiple dimensions require multivariate methods to estimate the percent of the intended users who will be accommodated. This webinar also introduces HFES’ free Virtual Fit Tool (VFT),  which can be used to make multivariate accommodation estimates for a North American user population.  The emphasis of the webinar is on demonstrating how to use the VFT spreadsheet tool to estimate multivariate accommodation through several worked examples.

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